Tom Salta

ASCAP award-winning composer and producer, Tom will be joining us again this year to talk about his newest work. He’ll be offering valuable advice on interactive music, working with developers and creating soundscapes worthy of AAA games.

Nomi Abadi

GRAMMY nominated composer and virtuoso pianist. Nomi will offer her valuable experience as a media composer and instrumentalist, as well as a panel on creating a safe and inclusive work space in the music industry.

“VGMC-PR 2022 was a very inspiring and refreshing event that involved various topics, from entrepreneurship as a composer to the acquisition of practical tools that enhance creativity, no matter what level we are at. The conference also contributed to our constant training as professionals in the industry.”

– Omar Cruz Cabrera, Media Composer

As an Indie Dev that wants to dive into technical audio, VGMC-PR provided valuable knowledge in both game development and game audio related topics. This event is a must for anyone interested in games, music, and audio.

      – Bryan Bonilla Indie Game Developer, Sound Designer

“Participating in Video Game Music Con PR 2022 was an exciting and rewarding experience. Events like this are an opportunity to share knowledge and connect with other music and gaming enthusiasts, as well as to explore new ideas, trends in the field, and engage in exciting talks. In addition, it is an excellent way to promote what we do within the video game industry here in Puerto Rico and to establish valuable professional contacts.”

– Roberto Ledesma, LED Development Studios

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Video Game Music Con, PR is pleased to announce a new partnership with Universidad Ana G. Méndez. The university’s focus on technology and innovation makes this the ideal venue for VGMC-PR. This year’s venue will be the Haydeé Piñero Buck Auditorium in the Carolina Campus.

Puerto Rico Game Developers Association

PRGDA is a valuable ally. As the main video game developer organization in Puerto Rico, they will have a table and a panel discussing video game development.

LED Development Studios

Independent video game studio from Puerto Rico. You can find out more about the games they’re developing during the conference!

Game Sound Con

California-based premier game audio conference. Aimed at composers, sound designers, and audio developers, Game Sound Con will offer discounts and deals in our conference.

Female Composer Safety League

FCSL is a registered public charity dedicated to advocating for the rights of women composers, and will be offering orientations/panels during the event. The VGMC-PR team is really excited to bring this resource to Puerto Rico!

Bryan Ojeda

Pianist and winner of international competitions. Bryan will be performing video game music in virtuoso arrangements for the piano along with pianist Brielle Perez.

Brielle Pérez

Renowned international pianist. Brielle will be performing video game music in virtuoso arrangements for the piano, along with pianist Bryan Ojeda.

Young Artists Concert Orchestra

Symphony orchestra made up of professional musicians. They will be in charge of the final musical presentation, performing video game music with an exclusive performance by pianist Nomi Abadi.

Will there be ticket sales at the door?

Ticket sales will be done through the online platform, including the day of the event. All attendees can check in at the door of the event by showing the QR code sent to their email after purchase.

If I buy a one-day pass, can I choose which day I go?

Of course! Just select the day you want in the passes available for sale.

Will there be parking at the event?

The parking at the university will be available for all of the attendees, speakers and volunteers for a $1 parking fee.

Is there lunch included with the ticket?

If you wish to eat lunch at the event, make sure you select the lunch add-on at the checkout. You can secure lunch for one day or two days.

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